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Welcome to Djinn Games, we are a group of video game enthusiasts starting out in the world of independent video game development.
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In-Gravity Bounce

Our second video game, a simple but addictive casual video game based on throwing a ball through different obstacles. It's so simple that you can play it with one hand!

The game has 100 levels, more than 20 types of obstacles, more than 50 skins, special mechanics and effects...

Check the trailer or download it now!

Dodging Food

This is our first video game, a casual game where the user dodge kitchen obstacles while drive a fruit.

The game has 7 types of fruits, 13 types of obstacles with multiple combinations, mechanics and effects, 8 different floor textures and 100 unique levels!

Check it now here!

Previous experience in video games

We have enjoyed participating in different game jams such as:

  • Global Game Jam
  • Ludum Dare
  • Mix and Game Jame

We also develop some other projects:

  • I+D projects
  • Prototypes
  • Some unfinished games

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